2017 Hottest Food Trends

2017 Hottest Food Trends

Changes In Store for 2017 Food


2017 is off to a great start in the food industry as more companies start focusing more on nutrition, the health of the planet, and living an authentic life.  Food has become medicine, and dining has become a necessary means to interpersonal connection.  2017 is all about obtaining a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and figuring out how it all ties into the world around you.

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Serving it up breakfast style

According to Specialty Food News, jackfruit, ice cream, plant-based foods and pancakes are expected to be breakfast food trends for 2017.  When it comes to breakfast, showmanship this year is predicted to bring back the idea of a theater.  For example, at Bojangles you might be treated to a biscuit theater, at Krispy Kreme, donut theater.  The idea is that people like watching their food being prepared and find it entertaining during their wait.  For many of us the all-day breakfast is hardly a new concept, but with many fast food chains offering all-day breakfast, it has us thinking how it will evolve over the year.  Breakfast sandwiches have been popular for a while, and will continue to grow as more and more Americans demand its convenience just like they do for the breakfast taco, breakfast wraps and more.

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All around the world

According to the 2014 Hunger Report, over 70 percent of farm workers here in America are foreign-born, with an estimated half of those undocumented.  Many immigrants land in the United States to escape hunger, war, and poverty to try and make a new and better life for themselves and their families.  Brought with these immigrants are their culinary tastes and cooking techniques which get spread throughout America.  Some of those new culinary techniques and tastes are coming from the new refugees from the middle east.  It is predicted that the Persian culinary influences will begin to spread into many restaurants and dishes around us this year,  bringing to the table a mixture of Persian recipes and eastern cuisine. 

An end to waste

One of the biggest concerns of the food industry in recent years has been food waste.  Many foundations have popped up around the country trying to end hunger for so many.  One foundation called Chefs To End Hunger empowers chefs to easily and efficiently use the resources already at their disposal and repurpose food currently going to waste to join in the fight to end hunger and make real cumulative impact daily.  They do this by providing meals to the hungry — redistributing the excess prepared food that would normally go to waste in hotels, restaurants, and other foodservice operations to local food agencies to serve the meals. 

It’s exciting to see where the food trends will head this year. With so many new ideas being brought to the table it’s hard to tell which ones will stick and which ones won’t.  But one thing is for sure, food will bring us all together no matter our cultural backgrounds.  New and improved techniques will be integrated into the culinary kitchens around the U.S. and shared with us foodies.  So try something new this year, see what’s out there waiting to be discovered.  You never know what could be the new hottest food trend of the year.